Is Technology a Force for Equity in Society?

The dictionary defines equity as “the quality of being fair and impartial”. Kalyn and Nataly argued that technology is a force for equity in our society, while Victoria and Jasmine took a stance against this. Both sides brought up great points to argue both sides of this broad, deep topic. This debate went beyond justContinue reading “Is Technology a Force for Equity in Society?”

Does Technology in the Classroom Enhance Learning?

Our first debate happened Tuesday and was not a disappointment at all. My classmates Nancy, Amanda, Trevor and Matt set the bar high for creativity, persuasiveness and had very valid points. This is a topic I have gone back and forth between. I can see and understand the pros and cons for both sides. ThereContinue reading “Does Technology in the Classroom Enhance Learning?”

A Day in the Life of Miss Patterson

Life as we know it looks different then it did two months ago. Looking back two months, I would never have guessed that this would be our reality. I actually never would have guessed this would ever be our reality. Not in contact with our students, not getting to hug them everyday, not being inContinue reading “A Day in the Life of Miss Patterson”

Moral, Ethical, and Legal issues integrating Technology and Media in Classrooms

Writing about this topic I still feel like I know very little. This is a very big topic I feel like I have not been educated well on before this weeks class. This class has made me so grateful to get to learn each week and feel every educator would benefit greatly from what isContinue reading “Moral, Ethical, and Legal issues integrating Technology and Media in Classrooms”

Quick Major Project Update and Thoughts

Well as the world around us has quickly changed, many changes will have to be made to my major project as well. As my major project has evolved and changed over this learning journey, it will have to change some more. This week has been very hard and it has been difficult to focus onContinue reading “Quick Major Project Update and Thoughts”

Implementing Digital Citizenship and Update on Major Project

This weeks class about what roles schools and educators should play in teaching digital citizenship really got me pondering. I thought about the importance of digital citizenship within our schools. It seems so obvious that this should be taught and be an ongoing conversation with students. But why is this the first I am learningContinue reading “Implementing Digital Citizenship and Update on Major Project”

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