Moral, Ethical, and Legal issues integrating Technology and Media in Classrooms

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Writing about this topic I still feel like I know very little. This is a very big topic I feel like I have not been educated well on before this weeks class. This class has made me so grateful to get to learn each week and feel every educator would benefit greatly from what is taught in #eci832. Without this class I would be a lot more lost then I already am. We have said it before-what perfect timing this class has been. #blessed šŸ™‚

I really don’t know if I am using resources properly. Not only technology but worksheets and books as well. As I have been planning for online learning I am now second guessing or looking into if I am being ethical in what I am presenting my class. The past few weeks educators have been anxious and in a heightened state trying to navigate and wrap our heads around this new normal. It is hard to think straight in this state and the last thing on my mind has been this topic. It wasn’t till our class on Tuesday and the videos and readings before that I had thought about the legal issues surrounding what I am presenting to my students and the way we are interacting online. Following our class, our board put out a list of approved and non-approved technology and media to be using as we work from home. Zoom has been the talk of the town and many teachers had planned to use this platform to teach kids and have them be able to see each other and interact. Our school board put out that Zoom is not approved due to privacy of kids. I understand the reasoning especially after our class discussions. I am still hoping to find a way to be able to see and talk to my students. Students and teachers are craving this type of interaction. Many educators looked into training for Zoom before they knew it was not approved.

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My classmate Shelby explained the feelings we as teachers have surrounding our new adventure of online teaching. We have many questions and worries while planning for this. It’s a scramble to put work together and learn how to use new platforms. I have found collaboration being key in navigating this. I have a strong teaching team that supports one another and helps each other in our learning.

In class we learned of examples of teachers being ‘caught’ like in Manitoba surrounding ethical issues. I really can’t imagine teachers purposely trying to steal other teachers work or not protect students privacy. There are many issues teachers need to be aware of. I am being very careful now with what I share with students online. I have been making lessons on Seesaw and had plans to attach worksheets but am now making my own. I have also been learning more about Seesaw while primarily using it to do all my teaching. Seesaw never uses students data, they don’t own anything you add and take privacy very seriously. I have been taking the ambassador course that explains in detail how careful they are when it comes to these issues. I feel very safe using Seesaw as my online learning platform. We discussed in class reading stories online to students. I have had many conversations with colleagues about this. We have been only putting our read alouds on Seesaw. Some teachers are using YouTube and running into problems even if they have authors permission to read their books.

This is such a broad topic and has been a big part of learning during this teaching online time. The fair dealing decision tool has been a big help in looking into the resources I am wanting to share. I want to continue to learn more about this topic and be able to share with my colleagues. This time in teaching is a big learning curve for many educators and its hard to bring in all the issues surrounding moral, ethical and legal issues. It is so important that school boards are keeping educator up to date on all these issues so teachers don’t run into problems. Teachers are trying their best right now to deliver quality education from their homes. It is so important to protect our students and teachers during this time and ensure success for all!

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