Quick Major Project Update and Thoughts

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Well as the world around us has quickly changed, many changes will have to be made to my major project as well. As my major project has evolved and changed over this learning journey, it will have to change some more.

This week has been very hard and it has been difficult to focus on this class with the loss of so much and so many unknowns. It has taken time to process the shock of schools closing and what is going on around us. Having your passion and purpose gone for an unknown time is not easy. I am missing my students very much. But I have been very thankful that I am in this class right now. What better class to be in as we as educators are all looking to what online learning and distance learning is. This class has prepared and pushed me to look into so many online resources and tools for a time such as this. I have already learned so much from this class that I can use during this time.

Empty classroom= very sad teacher

I am grateful I got to implement some of the resources I have been looking into as now students are more digital citizens then ever before. I am sad we did not get to finish the unit but am looking into how I can still attempt to complete it. A part of my major project was to implement Common Sense Media into my teaching and teach a unit from there. Unfortunately many of my students do not have access to technology at home. This makes it difficult to implement online/distant learning for all. They may not have any devices or wifi at their homes. This makes it unfair for students that do have access to technology. Right now many of the students and families where I teach are not going to be worried about homeschooling. They are worried about where to get food, how they will pay bills, etc. I do not want to overwhelm them with assignments for their seven year olds. As we get direction from our school board as to what school will look like for the next while, I will update how that affects my project.

A big part of my major project was to look into Seesaw and utilize all it’s features better in my class. What better time then now? I have worked hard to get all students connected to Seesaw but again that is not the reality. I have learned a lot about Seesaw in the last week during the panic of schools closing and wanting to be able to stay in touch with students. I have been giving assignments every day and sending morning messages. I have had less then half reply. I will continue to learn and work on Seesaw and create lessons as part of my project and because I want to be staying connected to my students and families. This will become a big part of my project. I also provided all students access to Prodigy before schools were shut down and have them playing math games on there. I am very glad we practiced logging on to these two apps/sites before leaving school.

Practicing using Seesaw and Prodigy

Another part of my project was to look into educational apps that are available in my division. I have brought an Ipad home and plan to look at all these apps in more detail and share about them. With this extra time I have a plan to explore them and hopefully get to share some of them with students who are connected on Seesaw.

I am still trying to figure out exactly what I want this to look like and what the final project will be. As this has been a journey and evolved over time I am sure it will continue to change as I keep learning!

Any ideas on how I could present my learning in a clear, easy way? Overview of apps?

Please leave suggestions below! Thank you for reading, #eci832! πŸ™‚

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I am a grade 2/3 teacher in Regina, Sask. "The important thing is not to stop questioning; curiosity has its own reason for existing.” – Albert Einstein

4 thoughts on “Quick Major Project Update and Thoughts

  1. Christina,

    This past week has certainly been a challenge. So many changes all at once is a lot to process for adults, so we can’t expect our students to make these major changes easily. Families are under a lot of stress right now and your empathy is just what your students need!

    I’m in the same boat! My major project was cut a little short with the closure of schools as well. I have heard of Prodigy, but haven’t used it myself. I am looking forward to reading your review of this app!

    I’m compiling my major project in a final post. I am thinking that this post will mainly review my project process and sum up my learning. I’m also writing my app reviews on a Google Doc and will provide a link to those reviews in my final post. My Google Docs will provide a detailed review of the apps I researched, while my final blog post will focus on the highlights of my process. Hopefully that helps you out or at least gives you some ideas for how you may want to wrap up your project!

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  2. Hi Christina! Your post summed up my feeling this pst couple of weeks as well. Everything feels so uncertain and it’s very sad. I know I have been missing my students as well. You were lucky to have set up your students before they left, but I understand the difficulty some students will have accessing the information. Hopefully in the next week, you can get more answers for yourself and your students! I have never heard of Prodigy so I look forward to hearing more about it! And as for presentation, I think it would be awesome to see what your SeeSaw looks like, if that’s possible due to privacy concerns! A final blog post with links to all your previous posts or your updates would work well I think. That way people could see your journey more clearly! Maybe you could vlog too! Looking forward to seeing how you wrap things up! πŸ™‚


  3. I appreciate exactly where you are and how you are feeling. I’m glad you were able to do a few things with your students to at least give them a chance at remote learning. For a project if you have the apps on an iphone or ipad you should be able to do recordings right on them of you walking people through the app https://support.apple.com/en-ca/guide/ipad/ipad08a40f3b/ipados you could create own youtube channel and upload them there. Good luck and stay safe and well


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