Summary of my Learning Journey

I am very grateful to have been apart of such a great community. Thank you Alec for creating a supportive environment to learn and grow as educators and in our personal lives. Going through this tough time in our world has been easier having an understanding community. I am still pondering and processing discussions weContinue reading “Summary of my Learning Journey”

Are Educators Social Justice Warriors?

Educators have a responsibility to use tech and social media to promote social justice. This was our final debate topic of the class. Like every topic, I say this is a complex subject. In today’s world, this is so relevant and I thoroughly enjoyed discussing and hearing from my classmates. It was a great matterContinue reading “Are Educators Social Justice Warriors?”

Is Openness and Sharing in Schools Unfair to Students?

Tuesday’s debate topic was on the statement ‘Openness and Sharing in schools is unfair to kids.’ This is a wide topic and as I looked into it before the debate, I saw that there were two parts to it. I was curious to see how my classmates would connect it together. Melinda and Alton tookContinue reading “Is Openness and Sharing in Schools Unfair to Students?”

Ban Cellphones in Classrooms?

Cellphones in classrooms has been a great debate since people started carrying ‘brick phones’ and ‘flip phones’. This week, Jill and Tarina argued there should not be phones in the classroom while Alyssa and Skyler fought against the cell phone ban. Jill and Tarina made four points in their opening video to support cellphones beingContinue reading “Ban Cellphones in Classrooms?”

Is Social Media Ruining Childhood?

Is social media ruining childhood? This is a very big question. I got to debate this topic in Tuesday’s class. My partner Laurie and I debated on the ‘agree’ side of the statement that social media is in fact ruining childhood, while Dean and Amy argued against us that it is not ruining childhood. MyContinue reading “Is Social Media Ruining Childhood?”

Is Technology a Force for Equity in Society?

The dictionary defines equity as “the quality of being fair and impartial”. Kalyn and Nataly argued that technology is a force for equity in our society, while Victoria and Jasmine took a stance against this. Both sides brought up great points to argue both sides of this broad, deep topic. This debate went beyond justContinue reading “Is Technology a Force for Equity in Society?”

Does Technology in the Classroom Enhance Learning?

Our first debate happened Tuesday and was not a disappointment at all. My classmates Nancy, Amanda, Trevor and Matt set the bar high for creativity, persuasiveness and had very valid points. This is a topic I have gone back and forth between. I can see and understand the pros and cons for both sides. ThereContinue reading “Does Technology in the Classroom Enhance Learning?”

A Day in the Life of Miss Patterson

Life as we know it looks different then it did two months ago. Looking back two months, I would never have guessed that this would be our reality. I actually never would have guessed this would ever be our reality. Not in contact with our students, not getting to hug them everyday, not being inContinue reading “A Day in the Life of Miss Patterson”

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