Being Productive!- Week 2

  • Can we focus on one thing at a time?
  • Are we constantly distracted?
  • Is the internet decreasing our ability to concentrate?

Watching the above video, Single-Tasking is the new Multi-Tasking, I found myself relating to James. As I was watching the video, I was doing many other things, I had many tabs open, my phone distracting me, my kettle boiling with my next cup of tea, I had the washing machine and dishwasher going, etc. I am never doing just one thing. Had the internet caused me to live like this? After laughing at this video I really started to reflect on the use of the internet and how it has affected us all.

I think media balance is so important. I believe we need to teach this starting at a young age. Prioritizing time for everyone to do a single task at a time and shut everything off is important. Taking time to be mindful and meditate is a way I try to clear my busy mind and do some self-care. Common Sense Media has great resources to teach Digital Citizenship. Below is a song for primary students to learn and sing.

It is natural in our world now to become distracted. It is socially acceptable to be on phones while interacting with others. When I got a cell phone I was not allowed to be on it during supper or any family time. Time to connect is very important and I believe that is fading away. Distractions are a part of our world.

Katia asks: Is the Internet really a productivity tool or merely an endless series of distractions?

It is now essential to know how to work productivity tools. In certain context they are very helpful for organization and work. I enjoy having access to Google and Microsoft through my school board. When I started teaching I did not utilize all the features in these suites but now find them to be part of my everyday. I use Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Jamboard, Google Slides, and Google sheets almost everyday for work and with my personal Google account. There are positive and negative aspects to using productivity tools. I cannot picture life without them now. Even if you are not using them for work or school, they are a household item in many places. Maybe I was more productive before these tools came into place. I always think of teaching before the internet. I can’t imagine not having it as a part of the classroom and to easily access resources. Educators before the internet did not have the same access to resources and spent a lot of time creating their own lessons. I bet the time spent creating doesn’t add up to the amount of time we waste on the internet now.

In the article, How Google Took Over the Classroom, the author asserts that we now rely on Google for so much. It has been embedded so quickly and easily into schools. Google now has access to the privacy of many students and classrooms. All students at my school start using their school email accounts through Google at grade 3. They will continue to use those emails throughout their schooling. Raquel, Deidra, Allison, and Kelly highlighted the privacy concerns around these productivity tools. They emphasized the positive and negative features of productivity tools.

It is hard to even remember back to before the internet being a part of our everyday lives. The question of whether we are more productive as human beings now or then is a mystery to me. What do you think? Are we more productive than we were pre-Internet and pre-Microsoft Office?

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I am a grade 2/3 teacher in Regina, Sask. "The important thing is not to stop questioning; curiosity has its own reason for existing.” – Albert Einstein

8 thoughts on “Being Productive!- Week 2

  1. Christina, the song you shared re: digital citizenship caught my eye. I find that fact that this is taught in primary grades is comforting. Coming from a high school perspective I honestly had not really ever considered what kids were learning at such a young age in terms of their digital habits. Is this built into curriculum explicitly, or is the primary curriculum too dated for this? I was holding my two year old cousin the other day and were were looking at pictures on my phone. He already knows how to swipe in order to move the pictures — so crazy! Digital citizenship really does need to be taught in the primary grades!

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  2. Hi Christina. Reading this blog post fills me with anticipation. I like how you summed up our responsibility to prioritize, to balance media time and that internet distractions are now a part of our lives. When you said this, I thought, “I can do that”. I am not only a teacher but also an entrepreneur. My family owns a successful business in our community. I balance my time between my responsibility to the business and to my career. Why is media time any different? When you say, “I cannot picture life without them now”, this is a realization I am beginning to accept. Taking the EC&I class has opened up my eyes to how we cannot just turn off the internet, that it is a part of everything we do. The internet has made my work a lot simpler…click, click, click! I just needed to put it into perspective and realize that the internet has, and will continue to, be a part of my everyday life too! Thank you for the wonderful blog!

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  3. You hit the nail on the head when you said that you cannot even think of life without them now. Technology and the internet have come such a long way, and even though it can be very distracting at times, it has helped so much with access to information, making some tasks easier, etc. I remember when one of my friends had a cellphone, long before anyone else, and it was a novelty. If you wanted to borrow her phone to send a text message it was literally 25 cents each message and you were allowed to have 75 characters (to put that into perspective it was less than a tweet on Twitter). Then when I got my first phone, although texting was unlimited it was T9, and there wasn’t internet or anything else. It was used for a specific purpose, arguablyy a hard technology as it could only call and text. But how technology and more specifically phone have evolved into access at your fingertips!

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  4. “It is now essential to know how to work productivity tools.”

    I couldn’t imagine doing my job without them.

    Regarding media balancing, I find myself making a conscious effort to be more present when I am around people. On my honeymoon, I didn’t bring my phone. Sometimes when I have friends over I put my phone up in my room to avoid distractions. My two year-old and four-year watch YouTube, and while the songs are hard to endure, I do not yet have to worry about educating them about social media. I imagine when they’re older I will have rules like “No cell phones at the table” and I will either be asking my kids to hand their phones in at a certain time of day or blocking their wifi at night.

    The joys of 21st century parenting.

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