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Summary of Learning!

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The end is here! For my summary of learning I wanted to try a new tool to showcase my thoughts and learning. I have tried a few video maker tools while in Alec’s classes previously. I wanted to try something brand new to me. I like the look of Videoscribe and video creator tools similar but struggled to figure them out. After seeing Darcy’s summary of learning using Explee, I needed to try it too! I blended Explee with WeVideo and created my Summary of Learning. I am out of my comfort zone when it comes to anything online. This year has definitely made me step out of it! Enjoy!

I learned so many valuable tools and skills that I will put in my teaching toolkit. Thank you to all my classmates for teaching me so many great ways to engage my students!

Keep safe everyone!


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I am a grade 2/3 teacher in Regina, Sask. "The important thing is not to stop questioning; curiosity has its own reason for existing.” – Albert Einstein

7 thoughts on “Summary of Learning!

  1. Awesome way to incorporate Explee into your Summary of Learning. This is such a cool tool, and I feel like you could make some really amazing things with it. Too bad there wasn’t a free version for a longer period of time. You included some very unique aspects into your video, like your singing parody. It is so great! You couldn’t have captured the Zoom meeting with elementary students more perfectly. Again, this will be such a great artifact to show people in the future what it was like teaching during a global pandemic. Great job!

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  2. Wow! Fantastic job, Christina. I love the look of the Explee video combined with WeVideo! I was also so impressed by the song you made for online learning! So creative!! I laughed at the part when everything was going wrong during class. So relatable haha. You did an amazing job this semester with your course design. You can be so proud of everything you accomplished. I feel so grateful that we were able to take some classes together during our graduate studies. I hope our paths cross again in the future! Wonderful job!


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