Learning and Revising

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Tuesday’s class presented us with the opportunity to learn from our classmates and view what they have been working on. Time was sparse as we tried to get through each classmate’s modules and give constructive feedback.

My group consisted of a variety of teachers all using different platforms to design their courses. I enjoyed learning about each platform and how they may currently be using it as well. It was wonderful to have time to dig into these as I have heard of them but haven’t had time to explore. It is a lot easier for me to learn about a new LMS from someone who has used it or is currently using it.

I learned about the following LMS:

  • Moodle
  • Canvas
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Classroom

Heidi, Darcy, Jocelyn and Leah were my group members. Each of us are teaching different grade levels and topics which created great education for each of us. I was hoping to get ideas from other primary teachers; but was happy to get the perspective of parents using Seesaw in my group.

For my Social Emotional Learning Course, I tried figuring out Moodle and Canvas but felt they weren’t user friendly for the age I am targeting. I have been using Seesaw in my class and am very familiar with it so naturally that would be the best fit. I wanted to try a new LMS to gain experience so I am also using Google Classroom.


Google Classroom

Each parent in my group who have children using Seesaw raved about how user friendly it is.

Positive feedback on Seesaw as a parent:

  • easy to use.
  • simple.
  • user friendly.
  • geared towards younger audience.
  • children independent.
  • can view exactly what kids are learning and assist.

A great feature of Seesaw is being able to use voice recordings for instructions. Students who are not able to read yet benefit from this feature and it creates independence for them in their work. I did not come across this feature in other LMS which is why Seesaw seems to be the best fit for my course. My group members suggested to use that feature on each page I create to generate more independence.

I had many questions about Google Classrooms as it was the first time using it for myself. Darcy displayed how he uses Google Classrooms for me to understand better. His tips were very helpful. Jocelyns’s course was on Google Classroom so I was able to see an example through her as well. I can now take what I learned from their courses and improve on mine. It was great to get an idea of how it looks and what students can do/see.

Although I didn’t receive a lot of feedback for improvement as my primary world is very different than my group members, I learned a lot from my classmates and the world they are teaching in.

Moving forward I will refer to the rubric provided by Alec as I design the rest of my lessons. I would like to touch base with other primary teachers and get some feedback from them. I have connected with some classmates that are teaching primary online and have gained knowledge from them. I will also work with colleagues and pick their minds about my lessons. My brain still feels very scattered but I think and hope it is headed in the right direction.

Any feedback on building my next lessons in Seesaw and/or Google Classrooms would be greatly appreciated!

Until next time,


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I am a grade 2/3 teacher in Regina, Sask. "The important thing is not to stop questioning; curiosity has its own reason for existing.” – Albert Einstein

2 thoughts on “Learning and Revising

  1. Christina, it was great seeing elements of your course in picture format. It’s hard to picture what everyone’s courses look like, and how each uses the same LMS differently. Unfortunately, I do not work with the younger students very often and I don’t have experience using SeeSaw, but if you want to bounce ideas about Google Classroom I am more than willing to do so!

    There are a ton of resources about Google Classroom, and the Google site has many different training opportunities like the one here: https://edu.google.com/teacher-center/products/classroom/?modal_active=none. I like it because it has videos, how-to documents, etc. for people that are new to it. If anything, it’s a great starting point.

    Keep up the great work, I look forward to seeing your couse!

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