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Summary of my Learning Journey

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I am very grateful to have been apart of such a great community. Thank you Alec for creating a supportive environment to learn and grow as educators and in our personal lives. Going through this tough time in our world has been easier having an understanding community. I am still pondering and processing discussions we had. It is so important to view subjects from all lenses and this class has allowed that. The ability to see all sides of an argument is something I want to bring more into my teaching.

I had to add where this journey began as part of my Summary of Learning. I tried to incorporate new tools into my video such as Screencast to step out of my comfort zone. I did test out a few other video making tools but fell back on WeVideo as I enjoy using it and having full access through my school board.

I can’t believe the class has come to an end. I had a great experience and learned so much from so many great classmates!

Have a wonderful summer! 🙂


Published by christinapatt13

I am a grade 2/3 teacher in Regina, Sask. "The important thing is not to stop questioning; curiosity has its own reason for existing.” – Albert Einstein

4 thoughts on “Summary of my Learning Journey

  1. Hi Christina! What a great job! You definitely look like a pro to me! I always seemed to agree so much with both sides of each debate as well! I think because they were so well done! I think that is an important skill– to be able to see different perspectives on an issue leads to great critical thinking skills! I valued your thoughts and opinions! Very thoughtful!

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  2. Great SOL. I would not have guessed you weren’t at least a bit ‘techie’ haha. Glad you are having such a great learning experience in these ECI classes. Like the references to Jennifer Casa-Todd and schools need to be helping create digital leaders. Nice shout out to all at the end and feeling is mutual.


  3. I love that you named everyone at the end. This was definitely a communal course, despite not being face-to-face. I also appreciate the mix of screen recording/recorded footage. Good luck in your future courses. Hope to see you again some time down the road.


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