Week 5- Digital Citizenship and Major Project Update

“If you are on social media, and you are not learning, not laughing, not being inspired or not networking, then you are using it wrong.“

Germany Kent

I have been putting a lot of thought and time into what my major project will look like. I have changed what I am doing a few times and know it will continue to change as I explore. I have been exploring apps that I have never used or heard of. Originally I was going to try the apps that were suggested in the syllabus.

I will share an update of the apps and my journey through learning and changing my project. The biggest way I have changed is deciding to improve on something I am already doing in my classroom, but don’t feel like I am doing well. I have iPads in my classroom I don’t feel like I am utilizing as effectively as I could be. I use Seesaw to connect with families but know there are a lot of other cool ways I could be using it.

Originally, I said I would look into Aurasma, Touchcast, Showme, and TikTok.

Aurasma- I was not able to access this app. It was not available.

Showme- I would like to continue to explore this app. The app allows teachers and students to have a virtual whiteboard. Teachers can create lessons and share them on their own account. There are many lessons created by teachers already on the site.

Barriers- The iPads I have in my classroom have apps that are approved from our board on them. I am not able to put new apps on the iPads. I have requested to have Showme put on the Ipads as it seems like a neat tool to use in the classroom. I have many ideas of how I can create lessons and use them. I am very curious to see how my students will respond to my voice teaching them on the smartboard. (Maybe I’ll be able to run to the washroom)

I will continue to explore this app if the request is approved. I would like to use the app to create lessons in my classroom. Specifically I will create literacy and numeracy lessons. I will create a lesson geared towards primary students about digital citizenship too. I will then do an overview of the app and share my thoughts of how it is beneficial to use within a classroom.

After looking into Showme app and on the iPads I have in my classroom, I decided to explore the apps already on the iPads. I have five iPads in my classroom. Currently, my students use only two apps fluently because I am not familiar with the others and haven’t had the time to look at the other apps. My students use ‘Epic books’ and ‘Razkids’ for reading. This is where I am wanting to change what I originally said I wanted to do for my project. I want my project to benefit me professionally and my students. I thought to myself:

-Why am I not utilizing what I already have in my classroom?

-What apps are already on my classroom iPads that I can use?

-How can I explore these apps and use this learning for my major project?

-Are there apps that can assist me with teaching digital citizenship?

-Why have I not explored these apps before?

I started to explore what apps I have access to already. I came across a few that I have never heard of or clicked on. I thought there is no better time but now to dig into these and see how I can be using my iPads better in my classroom and teaching.

I will give an update of what I have learned and tried on the iPads as I continue to use them. My students are happy to be able to try them out as well!


I am finding it tricky to connect digital citizenship with my students age because many of them don’t have access to the digital world. I work in a community school that is demographically diverse. If I worked in a school where each kid had a tablet or iPad at home, we would be having a lot more conversations about the digital world. Many students don’t have their basic needs met, so digital citizenship/identity isn’t a fluid conversation in my class. I know I have a lot to learn still and am excited to dive into the resources I have come across to teach digital citizenship and start having these conversations with students. I will continue to look into resources created for my students age group.

I had some interesting conversations with students after learning about digital citizenship this week.

I asked my students ‘What is Social Media?’

They all gave me blank stares. (this actually made me happy because they are so innocent) One student put up their hand and said, “Facebook?”

Other students looked really confused and asked “What is Facebook?”

We discussed more and my students recognized social media apps and it began to click in their brains. I then asked them about the digital world and about being a digital citizen. Again I got blank stares and one student asked “What does citizen mean?” We had a great conversation about being a good citizen in the world and the digital world.

Depending on what school and area you work in, these lessons and conversations can look very different. Regardless, kids will be exposed to social media and the digital world so it definitely isn’t too young to start teaching them how to navigate it properly.

This class has challenged me to look into how to do that and I hope I can connect it into my major project.

Seesaw is an app I use to communicate with families. I know that it has many awesome features, but have not taken time to discover them all. As part of my project I want to improve the way Seesaw is used in my classroom. I want to learn to send lessons out on it and have kids taking pictures of their own work and sharing it with their families.

I plan to make an overview of the app and document the journey with my students. I also want to send resources through Seesaw for parents to start having conversations with their kids about the digital world.

Lastly, I have been exploring the app TikTok as it seems to be the most popular social media app among elementary school kids. I coach basketball to grade 6, 7, and 8 girls. They are my best resource for understanding the app. I intend to make an overview of the app and how it relates to digital citizenship.

Looking into TikTok and having conversations with these girls, it is evident that there is a lot of negative actions and comments that are out there. The girls I’ve talked to like to follow people that are positive and spread good messages through their accounts.

I still have a lot of work to do but have been putting pieces together for my major project. I am happy to continue this journey and learn more. I’m excited to see how my major project turns out.

“The journey is never ending. There’s always gonna be growth, improvement, adversity; you just gotta take it all in and do what’s right, continue to grow, continue to live in the moment.” Antonio Brown

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I am a grade 2/3 teacher in Regina, Sask. "The important thing is not to stop questioning; curiosity has its own reason for existing.” – Albert Einstein

5 thoughts on “Week 5- Digital Citizenship and Major Project Update

  1. Loved you first quote and totally agree that social media should be improving one’s life not destroying it. You last one kinda caught me off guard … if it’s Antonio Brown the football player he might be the last one I’d take life advice from haha and his use of social media is pretty toxic imo. If you are looking a tik tok this may be a low risk high reward activity to do with your kiddos https://ditchthattextbook.com/create-a-tiktok-style-experience-with-google-slides/ Lots of great points in your post and good luck with improving your iPad effectiveness (have you looked at explain everything – might be a good one to compare to showme).


  2. Christina, I really like how you have changed your project to be relevant to what you are doing in the classroom. Have you looked at the lessons on Common Sense Media for digital citizenship? I have used lessons from there before and they have some great ideas – available for all grade levels. https://www.commonsense.org/education/digital-citizenship/curriculum?grades=2
    You mentioned that you have requested to have Showme put on the iPads. I am curious to see how long it will take for your request and what the outcome will be. As part of my project, I am digging into why apps are approved and not approved in our division.

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  3. I think you need to give yourself a huge pat on the back for having these conversations with your students, even though you feel they don’t have the access to technology that other kids might. They are exposed to some technology at school and, depending on the exposure you give them via iPad apps or even doing mini-lessons using your own computer and access to information, you’re making huge progress with them with regards to digital citizenship.
    As for exploring apps that you already have access to, I think that’s a great change to your major project. I am more than willing to help you explore more with SeeSaw as I had exposure to other features from a former colleague. she managed 5 classrooms with a focus on numeracy (crazy, I know) and the engagement and independence students had was impressive. It also provided lots of formative and summative evaluation opportunities at the same time.
    The beauty of this major project is that you make of it what you want because, in the end, you’re going to gain some valuable information that is going to make you an even better teacher.

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  4. I really like how you are adjusting your project as you go to suit the needs of you and your students! I think it makes total sense to utilize the apps that you have access to in your own classroom. I am confident that at the end of this project, you will feel much more comfortable and confident with the apps that you explore and will get much more out of them! I am curious- did you end up getting approved to use ShowMe on the iPads? If so, I will definitely request it for mine as well! Great progress post, Christina!

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