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Week Three Reflection

“We shouldn’t be teaching kids to be afraid of social media, or that technology is bad for them. We should treat these tools like any influence in their life and help them manage the responsibilities connected to these tools effectively and ethically.” Mary Beth Hertz

This weeks class really got me thinking about how we introduce and teach technology in our classrooms and in general to kids. I make the assumption that kids know more about technology then I do because of the world they are growing up in. But truly most kids are thrown in with no guidelines or knowledge and just figure it out on their own. Students most likely don’t have a very good foundation of what exactly the internet is. I was talking to my grandma this week and she asked me to come help her with a lap top my dad got her. I was thinking how much she just won’t understand with pop up ads, viruses, cookies, etc. Reflecting on Mary Hertz’s conversation, I realized I don’t really understand it either. I just know how to close an ad or click on the ‘x’ when a cookie comes up. But I don’t actually understand any of it. I don’t even know what a cookie or URL really is. So how am I supposed to teach students all about the digital world when I don’t get it? I think we make lots of assumptions when working through technologies and hope that we figure out how to press the right buttons. How do we actually teach the basics so students can enter this world with a great understanding of everything they need to know. First I believe teachers need more professional development to start this process. Mary Hertz spoke about her freshman introduction class she teaches about technology and the digital world. As she was explaining what she teaches I was wishing I could be in her class. I was thinking about how beneficial the class would be for all teachers and students. I was asking myself so many questions. Why is this not a mandatory class in schools? Why is this information not viewed as essential for all teachers and students? Our world is just evolving more into the digital world and we don’t want students to have to figure it out on their own when this is the world they are growing up in. Having explicit teaching about how technology works, the role it has in our lives and education, social media, and safety online is crucial in our education system.

Mary Hertz talk really got me to reflect on my own practices in the classroom and to understand that technology should be an important part of our education system. I think all educators would’ve benefitted from listening in to our class with her. I am thankful to be in this class and continue to learn about so much new content I haven’t thought deeply about before. I am grateful to be learning along side an awesome, supportive group!

How do you think our education system is doing in implementing the knowledge of digital literacy/identity, social media, technology, etc.?

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Published by christinapatt13

I am a grade 2/3 teacher in Regina, Sask. "The important thing is not to stop questioning; curiosity has its own reason for existing.” – Albert Einstein

3 thoughts on “Week Three Reflection

  1. Christina, as much as there are guidelines for technology education and media literacy in schools, I have to agree with you that more has to be done to teach the basics that many take for granted. In our school (grades 7-12) we teach introduction courses to technology and the Internet starting with grade 7. We have seen it make a big difference is helping our students develop better technological habits. Files are no longer named: Document1.doc, Document2.doc and Document3.doc. Like you, I believe we must start as soon as kids can start reading to help them tame this wild beast that is technology and online media. Thanks for your thoughts!

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  2. I agree there should be more emphasis put on teachers learning digital literacies, including vocabulary and a basic understanding of computers and the internet. (how they work). I think teachers will be playing catch-up for many years until these types of things are compulsory at the under-grad level. I think this because a common theme in conversations with fellow teachers is that they don’t understand it themselves, so they don’t feel comfortable teaching it. This is why I am trying to gather resource materials for myself and colleagues. The only thing worse than trying to teach something you aren’t comfortable in is doing so with no resources…

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  3. Great post. Your honesty about thinking the kiddos know more than we do because they have grow up with it is a feeling I think a lot of teachers have. Maybe with some of the latest social apps, but when it comes to using the tool to learn, research, and even create with there is still a ways to go for most (some find adding an attachment to an e-mail a hard task). I also liked your point about knowing how to get rid of a cookie but not really understanding what it is … guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. Thanks


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