Major Project

For my major project I will explore the app Tik Tok and three education apps that I haven’t heard of before. I am hoping this will help me grow professionally and understand what is out there.

I have started with exploring Tik Tok. I chose this app because I work with grade 2/3’s that don’t typically have social media. When I asked them what they do use, lots had heard of and/or use Tik Tok. Tik Tok seems to be the first social media app young kids are getting on to from my observation. Students I asked either have their own account or have made videos on it or explored it with older siblings, friends, cousins.

So far, I have discovered that it is extremely popular among students in the elementary school I work in. I coach the girls basketball team which consists of grade 6-8 students. My best learning about the app has come from talking with these girls after practices to see what they are doing on the app. The girls have shown me how they scroll through and view videos of celebrities. Most of the girls I coach don’t actually make their own videos, which I found surprising. They watch others and comment or like them. As I continue to learn I will add my education about the app here. Stay tuned for more about Tik Tok and about the educational apps I have chosen to explore!

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